Sunday, March 4, 2012

Read an Ebook Week: Discounted Strange Worlds ebooks

In honor of Read an Ebook Week, all my ebooks published by Smashwords are heavily discounted (except the ones that are already free)  Go here to participate: 
Here are the discount codes to use at checkout.
Tales From Gundarland: 50% discount: code REW50
an award winning collection of six humourous short stories and two novels
Zaftan Entrepreneurs: 50% discount: code REW50
A first contact story with a difference: aliens and fantasy creatures
Zaftan Miscreants: 50% discount: code REW50
The craziness continues.  The gundies and zaftans square off in deep space
Brunnhilde’s Quest: 25% discount: code REW25
Wotan (Odin) has a big problem.  He’s lost control of the Rhinegold.
Build a Better Story: 50% discount: REW50
Have a story to write?  Read this book first
Mini-Collection: 100% discount: code RE100
Three of my best short stories

10 Great Fantasy Short Stories: 50% discount: code REW50
This collection includes three new stories, never before published

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