Thursday, March 22, 2012

FNN Investigative Report

A survey by the FNN research team has uncovered a potential scandal that crosses all income groups in every state in America.
In a telephone survey of a thousand households, 85% reported that their furnaces or heating systems only developed trouble during cold weather.  The other 15% were homeless or couldn't afford fuel and so didn't use their heating systems.
A separate study queried air conditioner owners.  An astounding 87% reported their air conditions only gave them trouble during hot weather.  The remainder didn't have homes or air conditioners.
The Consumer Alert Bureau believes these statistics reveal an insidious plot to rip off consumers when they are most vulnerable; when they need their furnaces and air conditions the most.  FNN was unable to determine if this is a planned manufacturing defect or if the troubles develop from a different cause.
What ever the cause, we urge you to contact your Congressman and demand a Federal investigation by the Consumer Protection Agency.  A Congressional investigation or two would have the added benefit of giving Congress something useful to do.

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