Friday, March 2, 2012

Now Available: 10 Great Fantasy Short Stories

Do you like fantasy short stories?  Do you like them told with humor or satire? Then get a copy of this new ebook. It's filled with fantasy stories told with humor and satire.  The stories range all over the fantasy landscape.  Some take place in Gundarland, some in Manhattan and one in Camelot.   

10 Great Fantasy Short Stories is now available from Smashwords.  Other ebook distributors will follow soon.

You can watch the trailer for Macbeth: the Sequel at this link

Here is a list of all the stories.

House of Atreus.  Meet Agamemnon, King of Mycea, and the conquerer of Troy.  He’s been sent to the modern world by Zeus.
Manhattan Monsters: They are a undead softball team playing in Central Park.  Really.
Recipe for Revenge:  Burga the Warrior Cook seeks revenge on a food critic.
Romeo and Juliet: You’ve probably read this storyline a hundred times.  What’s different about my version? He’s a dwarf, she’s an elf.
Yuletide in Camelot: Entertainment for the feast is provided by Sir Tristan, the world’s worst singer, the Knights of the Round Table Folk Dancing Troupe and the Saxons’ Men Choir.
Inter-Racial Musical Playoffs: Unscrupulous wizards try to fix a band competition.
The Bronze Fleece: Travel to ancient Greece and join Jason and the Argonauts as they undertake a quest for the legendary fleece.
The Rainbow Bridge: Loki is summoned from Asgard and runs into a big problem.
MacBeth: the Sequel.  The Wyrd Sisters have to save their pet from the Laird of the Loch.
Saving the Shore: Find out what happened to the descendants of the Ring Bearer.

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