Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Home of Faux News Network

We at Faux News Network are proud to announce that this our new home.  From now on, this is the website that will publish the satiric reports from our highly skilled reporters.

Listed below is the fine staff we have assembled.  They will work tirelessly to produce reports that will depict a different viewpoint.

Publisher and editor in chief: Deleted (by recommendation from Counsel)
Economic reporter: Cash Krugerrand               
Sports Reporter: Jock Stapper
Political Reporter:  Stacy Conundrum
Culture Reporter: Marcia Hammerhead: 
Zaftan 31B Reporter: Chazerei
Religious Reporter: Matthew Mark Lukejohn
Gundarland Reporter: Sandra Elfenheimer
Travel Reporter (including time travel): Gina Vagabond
Science Reporter: Sue Entropy
Health/Medical Reporter: Ben Angioplast
Entertainment Reporter: Mia Diversion
Research supervisor: Ian Inquisitive
Office Manager, Janitor and Chief Counsel: Jan Obtuse

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