Sunday, October 23, 2011

Author Interview: Stephanie Campbell: Part 2

This post is a continuation of my interview with Stephanie Campbell.  Today she'll talk more about her new book and her future plans.

Tell us about the book:

Ronnie Toll has never played with other kids. He's never slept soundly throughout the night, turned a corner without checking first, or laughed for the sake of laughing. All Ronnie knows is a world of shadows and monsters. His mother and father, Marion and Leon, are the only ones by his side. But all that is about to change when his mother is murdered by the monsters that only he can see. With his only safe haven crumbling around him, Ronnie becomes a poacher for the other side to help protect human civilization as he knows it. The problem is, he’s taking on more than he bargained for when he tangles with creatures that are larger than life—and himself. 

How is your book different than others out in the market? What needs does your book meet that makes it a must for someone to buy?

I’ve never seen another book that involves the government and guns in combination with fantasy. My book has both. There are very few swords in my book, because I like to keep it realistic. I’ve seen many YA novels that make me wonder, ‘With modern technology, wouldn’t it just be easier to get a rifle?’ I know that it’s termed young adult, but hurting someone, even a monster, with a sword is just as bloody as shooting somebody.

Tell us more about Ronnie Toll. 

Ronnie Toll is a boy who sees monsters that nobody else can. He loves his family, but he also blames himself for a lot of things that he didn’t do. Despite what he thinks about himself, he is a very loving character. 

What do you do when you aren't writing stories?

My eventual goal is to write stories 24/7, but right now that isn’t financially possible for me. At this point I am working on starting my own publishing company and am also working nights as a fundraiser. It’s a great job getting to help others, but I want to work in the publishing world because I love books so much.

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