Thursday, October 20, 2011

Faux News Network Expands its coverage

Faux News Network is proud to announce that it has signed agreements to greatly expand its network.  Effective immediately, a news bureau will be established in Dun Hythe, the capital of Gundarland.  A second bureau will be set up on Zaftan 31B, the home planet of the aliens known as Zaftans.
Our Gundarland bureau chief is named Sandra Elfenheimer.  She will concentrate on interviews and updates on the lives of the many story characters that live there.
On Zaftan 31B, Chazerei will head up the bureau.  We have asked her to compare election processors on Zaftan 31B and on Earth.  Look for her report in the near future.
Since both these bureaus are in a parallel universe, Faux News Network is the first news organization to expand into other worlds and we will be the first news organization to use the newly developed Wormhole Communication System.

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