Saturday, October 8, 2011

Faux News Network: Readers ask

FNN receives many emails from our readers asking us questions about the perplexing modern world.  Periodically from now on, we will print several of these questions so that other readers can offer answers or suggestions.

* Is it true that Steve Jobs' brain has been transplanted to a computer hard drive and he'll continue to design new products?

* Do you think Perry and Romney will settle the settle the Republican nomination with a gunfight in a small town? Will the NRA sponsor the duel?

* I saw an app on Facebook that offers to file my 1040 Tax form if I send them the info including my social security number.  Is this safe to use?

* Why don't the Wall Street demonstrators go out and get jobs instead of hanging out and bothering working people?

* Now the Yankees Alex Rodriguez had a pathetic playoff series, will he give back part of his salary?

Help our readers by posting your comments and answers

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