Tuesday, October 18, 2011

FNN: NFL to add lawyers for booth reviews

Jock Strapper, our sports reporter, filed this exclusive report.  According to a NFL source who requested to remain anonymous, the booth review process will now be joined by teams of lawyers from both teams.  The lawyers' job will be to ensure that the referees interpret the rules correctly. "Today's rules are extremely complex because they are written by squads of lawyers.  It has become apparent that the field officials are not qualified to interpret all the nuances of the modern rules.  Hence the need for teams of review lawyers."
Rather than have the lawyers bill on time spent, which could add thirty minutes or more to each review process, the NFL and the lawyers have reached an agreement that pays each lawyer a thousand dollars for every review they participate in.
Under the recently passed Full Employment for Lawyers Act, the Federal Government will reimburse the clubs for their new legal costs.
The source went on to say, that under this plan, the lawyers won't add more than five or seven minutes to the review process. We plan to entertain the fans during these extend reviews, we plan to air more commercials. 
FNN will bring you more on the impact of this decision after we interviewed some fans who face even more boring breaks in the action.

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