Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Trump Energizes the Republican Party

This is an exclusive Faux News Network report.

The Republican Party has hit a wall.  With Cain gone, Perry getting ignored and Bachman missing, the fun has gone out of reading about the candidates or watching them on TV.  Gingrich and Romney are boring.  Donald Trump recognized the problem and inserted himself into the middle of the campaign by agreeing to moderate a debate.  Trump has provided a missing ingredient in the campaign; fun.  Trump can make the candidates more ridiculous and irrelevant than they can ever do by themselves.

With his stunning announcement about moderating a Republican debate Trump has sent shock waves through the ranks of the voters.  FNN political reporter Stacy Conundrum traveled the streets and interviewed voters to get their opinions on this situation.

Stacy (in New York City) What do think about the Donald Trump debate?
Voter 1: Great stuff.  The Republican debates have become dull.  Some of the candidates have stopped talking off the cuff because they're afraid of saying something stupid.  Again.  Once they get on the stage with Trump, there's no telling what kind of silly stuff will happen. This could be the death of the Republican Party.  

Stacy (in Iowa) What do your think about the Donald Trump debate?
voter 2: You sound like you're from New York or some sinful place like that. Get off my lawn before I call the cops,

Stacy: (in Kansas) What do you think about the Donald Trump debate?
Voter 3: Trump has a debate?  Did they finally cancel his awful show?  That's good news.  But if this new show is like the old one, why bother watching?

Stacey: (In Seattle) What do you think about the Donald Trump Debate?
Voter 4: Trump?  Who the hell is Trump?  Am I supposed to know who the guy is?  I got stuff to do.  Get out of my face.

Stacy.  My travels will continue and I'll file more reports later.

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