Monday, December 26, 2011

Tales From Gundarland Reading Guide

Our Cultural Reporter Marcia Hammerhead filed this report.  She obtained a guide for Reading Groups covering Hank Quense's award-winningTales From Gundarland.  The guide was prepared by the  Thieves Guild Reading Circle using stolen copies of the book
Reading Group Guide:
1: Do you think Romeo really loved Juliet or did he woo her to simply piss off her brothers? Find material in the story to support your position.
2: Do you think Rolf and Ralf are sissies because they worry about what Ma thinks?
3: Why are heros like Zarro and The Lone Stranger so inept?  Do you think it is a result of theirTFG award cover upbringing? Or are they simply the wrong stuff?
4: Do you think the princesses will eventually seduce Knuben?  Who will win their contest?  Why will she win?  Will she be happy she won?
5: Why does Maestro Andante only use three kazoos in his band?  Would more kazoos have effected the outcome?  Would five kazoos make a more mellow sound?  Defend your answer?
6: Did Duchess Stilken cheat on her husband with General MacDwarfen before the husband's death?  Cite evidence to support your opinion.
7: How many passive sentences did I use in the book?  List them.
8: In Merchant of Venison, can you add any 'D' words to the court scene?
9: In Rescuing Princesses, why didn't Burga throw the recalcitrant princess, over his shoulder and rescue her anyway?  Explain this lack of dedication to the rescue.  Does this indicate a possibly fatal flaw in Burga's psyche?
10: How can the stories in this collection be used to foster galactic peace? Explain in twenty-five words of less.

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