Friday, December 2, 2011

Giant head coach confused by media attention

This is another FNN exclusive report by Jock Strapper who covers sports for FNN.
Giant head coach Tom Coughlin said today that he is puzzled by all the media attention surrounding the current three game losing streak.
He told FNN! "We've been doing this for years, so why is everyone acting like this is a major story.  For a number of years now, we've racked up a great record during the first half of the year and then have problems winning a game in the second half.  This is not news."

Coughlin went to explain that during the pre-season, he and his coaching staff put together a single game plan to use during the entire season. "That relieves us of the onerous task of making a new game plan every week.  We can concentrate on other issues, like holding press conferences."

FNN asked if Coughlin thought the other teams were on to the Giants season-long game plan and had developed plans to neutralize the Giants plays.

Coughlin didn't think the other teams would be so crude as to decipher the Giant game plan.  "That smacks of underhandedness.," he said.  He added that the coaching staff tinkered with the master game plan to compensate for injuries.  This would also confuse the opponents who studied the Giant game plan
He told FNN that he thought the Giants would win another game or even two before the end of the season.

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