Wednesday, February 1, 2012

FNN Exclusive Report: University president challenges Obama over tuition hikes.

Faux News Network political reporter Stacy Connundrum filed this report.

Ziggy Zwiebach, President of the New Jersey's University of Hoboken and Weehawken, today denigrated President Obama's plan to restrict aid to colleges and universities that don't limit tuition hikes.
Zwiebach told FNN that "Obama obviously has no clue how expensive running a university is these days.  Decreasing the Federal aid will have a devastating affect on higher education and will limit our ability to fund the most important aspects of university life."
Zwiebach went on to talk about the tough choices ahead of college executives if the Obama plan becomes law.  "At UHW we wild be forced to close entire areas of study such as our Mathematics and Physics Departments.  Also, our research project into the origins of the Big Foot legends would be in jeopardy.  These programs would have to be sacrificed in order to maintain full funding for our football program.  I'm sure President Obama has no idea how expensive a competitive program is.  Scholarships, coaches, equipment, under-the-table payouts to the athletes, all these cost a ton of money.  That's why tuition keeps climbing; every year the athletes demand more and more expensive fringe benefits."
Zwiebach concluded the interview by tell FNN that he has contacted the president of the NCAA and urged him to launch an extensive lobbying and advertising campaigns to block Obama's insidious attack on the American Way.
FNN will, of course, provide additional reports as information becomes available on this breaking news story. 

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